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Rating: 6.7

Votes: 3

Plays: 2.4k

About Transmorpher

A cry for help from a little monster in Transmorpher. He is trying to look for a way to get out of a dangerous lab as well as helping his friends. Don’t leave him alone, guys! Come here and support him now!

To make this escape smooth, you need to understand the essence of the monsters first.

  • Your main monster has a green color. He is quite lightweight and can jump. In addition, he is able to absorb other monsters to use for necessary cases.
  • The second form has a violet color. It can stick to anything such as bars or walls.
  • The third form has an orange color. It’s a big monster and rather heavy. Plus, it can break the glass or move blocks with ease.
  • The final form is a scientist. This guy is quite useful to help the monster open the locked door. However, remember that the monster only uses the scientist in just one stage.

Now, make sure you know thoroughly each form in order to avail them correctly.

The next thing is to pay attention to some available dangers such as poison lakes or electricity bars. They are randomly placed surrounding the lab in order to prevent the monsters. So, you need to be careful and clever while guiding the main monster or changing the suitable form to overcome.

Or know how to mutate the monsters in the right place and at the right time. For instance, a blower can help your main monster fly high. And then remember to mutate the third form to land because he is heavy. 

But, be careful because if any bad thing unluckily happens to the monster, the game will be over right away.

With 48 levels, Transmorpher is known as an excellent treat for any physical puzzle platform fans. The more level you overcome, the more difficult thing will happen. So, before starting any level, please figure out the situation carefully so that you can complete well. And don’t worry about the time because Transmorpher doesn’t require it. Just play until you get the final success. 

Good luck, all game lovers!

How to control

  • The mouse cursor and left-click are to guide the monster to move and jump.
  • The arrow keys are to control other monsters and scientists.
  • 1-4 keys are to swap between the monsters.

Tips and tricks

  1. You can mutate other monsters while jumping.
  2. You only absorb other monsters in the first form.
  3. All the forms can swim underwater easily.


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