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PLAY NOW Santa Run 2
Santa Run 2

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About Santa Run 2:

Santa Run 2 is an Adventure video game with the protagonist is the friend of children – Santa Claus. In this video game, you will take the role of Santa Claus, who is trying to find his way to the Toy Factory. As a tradition, Santa Claus needs to make his way to the Toy Factory to make good toys for good children.
Unfortunately, in this video game Santa Run 2, Santa Claus is a bit silly since he does not know the right way that leads to the Toy Factory. With your help, plus some fortunes, Santa Claus will meet the Sleigh and get to the destination safe and sound. The game allows you to use a second-person viewpoint, control the protagonist and explore the entire colorful game world. You have to make sure that all the obstacles cannot prevent you from getting to the destination.
Santa Run 2 provides you with a Timing System, which will give you a short amount of time to accomplish all the levels. This sounds unbelievable, but as you know, challenges make up a good video game. Without the challenges, Santa Run 2 will be less addictive than it should be. You will have to use your brain more and more if you want to get through all the levels of Santa Run 2. Let’s get started!

How to play:

  • Use the arrow keys or A/W/S/D buttons to make Santa act.

Tips and tricks:

  1. The time system will not be brought back to where it was after each time you lose a life.
  2. Have a sneak peek at the place you are coming to before you actually visit it.

Santa Run 2 Unblocked:

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