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About Reform:

Reform is an exciting and engaging arcade puzzle game. Your task in this game is to control a character through all problematic obstacles. You have a unique ability that can transform into three different shapes, and each shape will have a unique feature.

The first shape name is a tremendous shape, and it can help you to push the blocks. The second is a lightweight form, and it can jump higher. The third shape is a shape with a special ability that can cause everything to fall down.

When participating in this game, you will have to observe very carefully and change the form to be able to overcome all the obstacles of this game. It should be remembered that each shape with its function is only valid for a short time. After the time has ended, the shapes of the blocks and surrounding objects will return to their original state. This game is designed with vivid graphics and rolling sounds. Let's play and experience!

How to play:

  • Use left and right arrow to move
  • Use Space bar to jump
  • Press 1,2, 3 to change the form
  • Press Up arrow to growl (in the third form)

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Observe the layout of each level to select the most appropriate shape to help you overcome obstacles.
  2. Do not ignore any and appear on the way because they can completely dissolve help you quickly win.

Reform Unblocked:

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