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Photon Baby

Rating: 10.0

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About Photon Baby

Are you ready to welcome a fantastic yet dangerous adventure of a genius doctor in Photon Baby? If you don’t mind an encounter with horrible vampires, join here now.

The doctor named Photon was in charge of a baby. Unluckily, the baby was kidnapped by a vampire bat. Since the baby took the doctor’s precious diamond, he then ran after the bat.

Right now, the doctor needs your support to overcome 30 stages, all game lovers. The common request is simple. Just shoot down all the vampires by using the doctor’s photon gun. In the first two stages, everything is easy for you to aim and shoot the photon towards the vampire.

Later, you must know the most important thing about the color. From stage 3, you need to observe the color of the vampire and bars on the wall. Since the photon has no color, it will absorb the color from the bar and then kill the vampire with the same color. For instance, if the vampire is red, you must shoot the photon towards the red bar. Then it bounces towards the vampire and fires it.

However, some bars are sometimes not placed in the right position. Therefore, you need to make the most of a special ability to guide the photon towards the mouse crosshairs. Relying on that, you can take a precise aim at the vampire. Aside from using the bars, this game provides some colorful mirrors. And the wonderful thing is that you can change their colors easily.

One more thing that you should learn about the color is how to combine the three basic ones to create the new color such as violet, white, orange, etc. For example, to get the white color, you must follow the order including green, blue and red.  

As Photon Baby game progresses, more and more dangerous things and creatures will happen to threat the doctor. So, please prepare yourself well to confront them and then try to finish all the 30 stages successfully.

Wish you success!

How to control

  • Move and jump – WAD keys or left, right and up arrow keys
  • Aim and shoot – the left mouse
  • Attract photons towards the vampires – Spacebar
  • Crouch to flip the mirrors – S key or down arrow key

Tips and tricks

  1. Watch out for bouncing skulls and other creatures because you can shoot down them.
  2. Try to gun down at least 2 or 3 vampires at the same time to get a big score bonus.
  3. To shoot the Boss 1, you need to wait until it sticks out its tongue.


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