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Gravity Llama

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About Gravity Llama:

If you haven’t found a game to play among thousands of games on the internet, you can try this amazing game Gravity Llama. Produced by Jindo and published by Kongregate, Gravity Llama is a web game that brings you to the world of Llama. A disaster happens and it leads to the event in the game. You will take the role of a Llama, who finds himself in a weird forest. Your task is finding way back home.

The game indicates that you are only 8 worlds away from the homeland. So now you will go on the adventure to get the Llama back home. The story of the game may sound a bit familiar, but the gameplay is what makes Gravity Llama better than the other Running games.

Gravity Llama provides you with different elements to make your gaming experience better like Coins, Hints and Power-Ups. Before jumping into the game world, you will have to travel through a short practice stage. The game allows you to use the arrow keys to control your Llama, or you can use the letter keys if you like. Your Llama not only can go in the normal way but he also can do it up side down. Now that’s why the game called Gravity Llama.

After you have finished earning all the coins you can in each stages, reach to the golden star that lies somewhere around the screen to wrap up the stage and go straight to the next level. Gravity Llama is a wonderful game that you should try, the core elements in this platform game sure will surprise you.

How to play:

  • Use the arrow keys or the letter keys including A S W and D to move. Press Spacebar to switch the gravity. Follow the game’s instruction.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Hold the keys a bit longer if you want to jump higher or go further.

Gravity Llama Unblocked:

  1. You will be happy to know that on, the unblocked version of Gravity Llama is now available. Come and check!


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