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About E7:

E7 belongs to the category of adventure, space, and speed games. You will be taken to a strange planet where your enemies hide. You must rescue the earth in this funny and dark place. You will run on this land, overcome the traps that the enemies set to safely, turn them into the surface.

There are 20 sectors, from 1G to 20G, and there is a special sector called E7, where you will complete the mission to rescue your earth. Then, if you want, you can go back to sector 1G and play again. This game has dark graphics, simulates a strange planet, suitable for those who like to explore, conquer.

To play this game, you need to use a few keys on the keyboard, control the character to move at will. There are instructions on the left corner of the screen, and you can look at it to determine what to do. Have fun!

How to play:

  • Holding down arrow keys to move
  • Holding up arrow key to jump

Tips and tricks:

  1. The upper right corner of the screen is the menu; you can press when you have a problem
  2. Instead of using the arrow keys, you can use the A / D / S keys to move and jump

E7 Unblocked:    

  1. However, some current gaming sites do not help players access the unblocked game. Don't worry, there is, where you can enjoy E7 Unblocked anywhere with just one computer connected to the network.


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