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Crashy Cat

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About Crashy Cat:

Crashy Cat is a Platform, Arcade and Adventure video game. The game features a set of more than twenty exciting levels with amazing difficulty.

As its name implies, Crashy Cat opens up an All-about-cat game world. The game has the player helping the cat protagonist to crash multiple concrete grounds in order to reach the final ground. Crashy Cat certifies the player with three gold stars for each perfectly accomplished level. However, the number of gold stars the player are certified with bases on the number of stars the player earns. In addition to that, the gold stars are also the only collectibles that the player has to put his eyes on at any level.

At the few beginning levels of Crashy Cat, the game seems like a piece of cake since there’s no difficulty yet. In detail, the levels from one to three are usually considered as the practicing levels. The wise players will learn how to cope with the game using his crashing skills. In fact, the accuracy of the player’s sensitiveness is what contributes the most to his success in the game. Besides, the player of Crashy Cat also has to active his reflex at the climax to ease the tricky levels. For example, if the player cannot turn his reflex’s switch on or off at the right time, he will easily fall after the practicing levels of Crashy Cat.

How to play:

  • Use the left mouse button to help the cat crash.

Tips and tricks:

  1. You can invest more in the played levels, such as practicing and recollecting the stars.
  2. If you crash down from a too high place, the Crashy Cat will die.

Crashy Cat Unblocked:

  1. For your information, Crashy Cat Unblocked is now available at the amusing game website The fast and stable connection of will give its best support to your gaming experience. You have to pay not even once when you play games at Have fun!


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