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Best Friends Forever

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About Best Friends Forever:

In a mystery cave, three labors were working quite hard until a catastrophe happened. Now, they have to find their way out of the cage, or else, they will die. Best Friends Forever dignifies the Teamwork skills, as this Platform video game requires you not only to solve the Puzzle in each stage of the game but also manage to match the action of one labor to the others.

The game provides the player with quite smooth controls, as the player only has to control one labor at once and whenever he wants, he can switch his act to the other players. Best Friends Forever build up a strong bond among the labors, as the game indicates that under the term of colleagues, the labors are also friends to others.

Each level of Best Friends Forever requires the player to bring all the labors to the exit door in order to win. Sometimes, you may find this video game difficult to handle, but once you manage to overcome what the game offers, you will have the chance to educate yourself so you will be able to deal with such difficulties in the upcoming level. Have fun with Best Friends Forever.

How to play:

  • For movement, use the arrow keys.
  • Use the Shift button to switch character.
  • Press the R button to restart a level.
  • Press the Q button to quit to menu.

Tips and tricks:

  1. In special situations, you can jump on another character's head while he is crouching down!
  2. Every time you step on a switch, something will be activated! Note this to solve the puzzles!
  3. Boxes can be pushed onto switches or jumped on.

Best Friends Forever Unblocked:

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