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Age Of Wonder

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About Age Of Wonder:

Welcome our dearest players to another adventure point and click game published by Game Ark – the Age Of Wonder. In the gameplay, you will play the role of a character named Eratosthenes, who was appointed as the third chief librarian of the great library of Alexandria. Your mission in the great library is to help the people of Egypt to learn wonderful things contained in the library.

Age Of Wonder is divided into many stages with different map and challenges. In each one, you and the people of Egypt will stand on 2 different sides of the library. The people want to have precious books which give them useful knowledge while you are the only one who has them. It is dangerous between you and them with moving thrilling objects. The only way to give our people the books is to throw them. Sometimes there will be some hard objects which totally block the space between you guys but don’t worry, the gameplay always gives you some rocks to clean these messes away. Age Of Wonder also bring you chances to test your observing and plan to make skills since some stages require you to take a look carefully and find out the way to use given items effectively.

To restart a level, you can press the “R” key anytime. Each level’s record is given basing on how effective you use given items, so be wise. One more interesting in Age Of Wonder is the knowledge the game gives you every time you finish a level.

Learning while playing, what else are you waiting for? Join Age Of Wonder now to see yourself in the mysterious ancient Egypt library!

How to play:

  • Use your mouse to aim, choose the power and throw the books to the people of Egypt.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Wait for the right time to throw the books. You may have to test your throw for many times.

Age Of Wonder Unblocked:

  1. Age Of Wonder Unblocked game has been available on – a marvellous online gaming site for world’s players. You can now playAge Of Wonder from anywhere with Age Of Wonder Unblocked Game!

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