Mole The First Scavanger OVERVIEW

Mole The First Scavanger

Rating: 89 of 100

Votes: 9

Plays: 880

About Mole The First Scavenger

Mole The First Scavenger is a puzzle game with a cute art style. In this game, you control a ravenous monster as you try to get all the food on the stage and get to the black holes on each stage.

Mole The First Scavenger may be simple to play but the challenges here nowhere near the easiest. The challenges that the game provides comes from the stage layouts, especially the tiles that once crossed you can’t return to. With the tiles that have numbers, you’re only allowed to go pass those tiles by the number of times that’s shown on the tile itself. Remember that it’ll also count as you losing if you went through the black hole without getting enough food on the stage.

The game has 20 stages with increasingly difficult terrains and challenges. Try to take advantage of each and every dirt tile in order to pass the stages.

If you accidentally make a wrong move or have lost the stage, don’t worry as you can hit replay to try that stage again. In the event that you aren’t able to figure out how to pass the stage, click the Walkthrough button to see the solution to the stage.

How To Play

Use the mouse or arrow keys to move.

Tips and Tricks

You can turn the music, sound on/off or press restart on the game screen.

Mole The First Scavanger Walkthrough:

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