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Orion Sandbox

Rating: 9.0

Votes: 136

Plays: 14.0k

About Orion Sandbox

Orion Sandbox is an open-world sandbox game. If you have played games like Minecraft and Terraria then you could see Orion Sandbox as a mini version of these games on the 2D flash web.

At the title screen, you’re allowed to customize your character’s gender, facial feature, hairstyle and hair color. When you enter the game, your character will have some skills such as chopping trees to get wood (axe), digging dirt, breaking stone to get cobblestone (pickaxe), using weapons to kill animals to get meat, fur and leather... However in order to get these tools, you’ll have to make them. You don’t have to worry too much though as the game gives you a quick tutorial on how to get items and make weapons and tools.

In Orion Sandbox, there are 7 main sections:

  • Blocks: you can make 28 different materials to build houses.
  • Decorations: you can make 28 different materials to decorate houses.
  • Tools: you can make 26 tools to help you survive from day to day such as pickaxes to break stone, empty cages to catch animals, empty bottles to collect water which can be used to make potions...
  • Armors: make 5 different sets of armors to help reduced damage when being attacked.
  • Weapons: there are 7 types of weapon that can help you defeat enemies quicker.
  • Consumables: you can make 9 types of items, each with a different use such as torches for lighting up dark areas, healing potions to restore your HP...
  • Repair Items: when you use your tools and weapons, they will gradually lose durability so you can repair them here.

Try to build a house and equip yourself with armors and weapons to deal with zombies when night falls. When you defeat them, you’ll get EXP and after you gain enough, you’ll level up and become stronger. You’ll lose health when the zombies bite you, in which case you can eat meat or drink a potion to heal yourself but remember that after you heal yourself once, there will be a certain amount of time that you have to wait before you can continue healing.

When you’re starting out, if there are too many zombies around, you can simply dig yourself a cave and block the entrance to protect yourself from them. Also remember that when you’re submerge, there’s a bar showing you how long you can breathe underwater.

The game allows you to save your progress (the game automatically saves every 10 minutes). The game also allows you to save online by using the ”net” system.

If you’re a fan of this type of game, you can also play the sequel titled Orion Sandbox Enhanced or other similar games such as One Man Army, Spirevale...

How To Play

  • Use left and right arrow keys/A and D to move the character.
  • Use Space/W/up arrow key to jump.
  • Use the mouse to attack monsters, dig dirt, break trees...

Tips and Tricks

  1. If you haven’t finish making your house before night falls, dig yourself a hole and cover up the entrance to avoid the zombies.
  2. When trying to kill wild boars, set traps so that you don’t have to chase the boar all the way across the map.


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