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Plumbers Creed

Rating: 8.8

Votes: 40

Plays: 10.1k

About Plumbers Creed

Plumbers Creed is a platformer type game. In this game, you play as a thief and your goal is to hit all the blocks to make the flag appear then get to the flag to beat the stage.

The enemies you encounter in Plumbers Creed are very diverse and have many different moves, some move quickly towards you and tries to hit you using a hammer, some will use bows to shoot you... try to defeat them by jumping onto their heads. This game also allows your character to jump onto walls to reach the higher areas and hide behind a hay cart...

The graphics and sound in Plumbers Creed is also a plus for this game. You’ll feel a sense of familiarity with the game’s graphics and sound because they’re like those of the popular Mario games. Even up to the enemies being Koopas that will retract into their shells when jumped on and will come back out after a while, flag poles that will lead you to the next stage when jumped at...

How To Play

Use arrow keys to control the thief.

Tips and Tricks

  1. If you’re stuck then click on the Walkthrough button.
  2. Defeating all the turtles is not necessary, you just need to hit all the blocks and get to the flag pole.