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    Rating: 8.8

    Votes: 8

    Plays: 2.9k


    No rules, no races, and no barriers! What you must do in is to knock all the players down by driving a car and smash into them hard. Feel excited to join a very new fighting car game in the .io world, guys? SET and GO now!

    First, you need to enter a garage to select the suitable car with different features including Speed, Acceleration, Maneuverability, and Adherence. If you love the high speed, Mike’s car is quite ideal. Or choose Hugo’s car if you prefer the high acceleration.

    Next is to control the car to run around the playground in order to defeat as many opponents as possible. Since the main action is to collide with other cars, if unluckily colliding with obstacles on the road, your car is still okay. But, it’s best to avoid hitting them to complete the task better.

    In addition, the game offers a series of cool power-ups that are useful for eliminating your competitors. You can catch them with ease by driving through boxes with a question mark and then the power-ups will be added automatically such as a giant circular saw, bombs, flamethrower, oil slicks, and so on. So, whenever seeing any boxes, be quick to take them. Got it?

    Aside from beating other players, you should direct the car to collect enough letters of WOOP as well as picking up as many bucks as possible. These actions are necessary to enhance your level. And when reaching a new level, you will discover new bonuses for the car. Of course, you also spend the bucks on upgrading your car to continue fighting better.

    Last but not least, always remember that your final aim is to gain at least one spot in the ranking by carrying out all the above actions. Are you confident in your ability? Will from the developer of Pinpin Team prevent you from attaining the best title? Please prove yourself by starting drifting now! Wish you luck, guys!

    How to control

    • Hold the left mouse and move the mouse cursor or tap on WASD/arrow keys to guide the car.
    • Hit Spacebar to boost the speed oractivate power-ups.

    Tips and tricks

    1. When using some power-ups such as bomb or oil slicks, be careful because your car can meet with difficulties if unluckily touching them.
    2. Try watching available videos to receive more bucks.
    3. Click here if you want to download this game to your smartphone.



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