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About is a Platform, .io, Multiplayer and Racing video game. Have you ever played any Racing video game with the participation of numbers of players around the world? If you do, then this video will completely give you another view on the Racing genre due to its unique gameplay.

In, the player will get to choose one water racer among various playable characters before he comes up to the watery racing track with the other players. Within a water slide, more than twenty players will be racing against each other using their round-shaped floats.

As the game starts, the racers will start their journey throughout the water slide. The game becomes more and more challenging as the players start to notice their position recorded by the server. The position of the player will contribute a big part to his performance.

At the end of each race, one player will be rewarded with scores and the more scores the player earns, the more successful he is on the leaderboard. To ensure that you are successful in one race, you need to make your way at least to the top three biggest players. Once you fall out of the top three, all your effort is useless. has just been released recently, but its impact on the gaming community can be compared to a 1-year-old game. The addictive gameplay and the encouragement you make yourself feel after each time of being successful are the main factors keep you advancing in the game!

How to play:

  • Use the computer mouse to control your character’s movement through the water slide.
  • Press the left-click mouse button to boost your speed and leave your opponents behind.

Tips and tricks:

  1. The more opponents you overcome, the closer you get to the finish line of the water slide.
  2. Pay attention to your gaming progress, and the result coming, at last, will listen to your wish. Unblocked:

  1. You can find Unblocked at This site provides you with your daily dose of Unblocked games. Your gaming experience will not be limited when you come to have fun at Let’s get to have fun now!


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