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Welcome to, an interesting strategy, fast-paced, and action video game. The game takes you to a black universe where you will create triangles to destroy the enemy. In this game you control a character and fight in outer space. Your task is to kill the enemies, eat the points and become the Top 1 on the leaderboard.

When the game starts, you will appear in a random place on the map. You must move carefully because you will die if you are in a triangle of the enemy. To create a triangle, you place the dots on the position you want. After you have completed the 3 dots, a triangle will appear. If the enemy is inside your triangle, he will die and you will gain points.

On the map there are also many points that you can collect. When you eat points, you will become bigger. Besides, you can also use acceleration skills to overcome dangerous situations or kill enemies. Remember that you need to observe the map carefully to avoid triangles of enemies. Good luck and have fun!

How to Play:             

  • Use your mouse to control the character.
  • Use Space or right click to place the dots.
  • Use F to speed –up.

Tips and Tricks:     

  1.  Acceleration skill has a cooldown time. So you need to use it wisely.
  2. When you use the acceleration skill, you lose points.
  3. When you are bigger than the enemy, they will be freezed (5 seconds) as you go over them. Unblocked Game: 

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