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About is an exciting and genuinely addictive io game that played in rounds. Once you get into the world of this game, you have to conceal from the crowd of decoys and attack unsuspecting opponents. You will be provided with a large variety of stage hazards and powerups to create a good strategy and out stealth your opponents. 

At the beginning of the game, you will have ten bullets. Over time, these bullets renew when you're not using them.  So, you have to shoot these bullets and use them not to reveal your position and, of course, hide in a long time from your enemies.

When you play enough 35 seconds, all real players will get a high spot with three decoys.  Even if there are a lot of players are playing through the game, only three baits can be highlighted. If you have a plan to kill a real player, you can increase your range and make larger your range ring. This game features range from 1v1s up to 8 player arenas.

When a player stops their game, the game will grey out their name in the upper left corner.   And you can be the winner when you are only and the last player in this round.

How to play:

  • Left-click - move
  • Right-click or press Q - shoot
  • Space bar - activate powerups.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Once you see your opponents near powerups, you have to do the best to grab them for yourself.  Use skill and use a stealth powerup to disappear through the crowd.
  2. You should take notice of some battle powerups like a rapid-fire and short gun because they have insane power.  Do the best to get all of them. Unblocked:

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