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About TD:

If you think that the .io games are all about battling against the other players in the universe, then you will have to have a second thought when you get to explore this game TD. In this game, you will learn to team up with the other players, matched with you in the same server. The team’s mission is to protect the gems from the enemy team. You can use the energy to summon towers in order to attack the upcoming enemies.

Besides the Action element that has captured everyone’s heart from the beginning, it’s hard not to mention the Strategy element of TD. Since you are going to work with the other players, the strategy will be in need. For example, some players tend to build the defense outside of the cave, this help prevent enemies from a quite far distance. More and more strategies will be found out as you and your teammates try hard to eliminate the other team. Only the team that works perfectly together will be able to win the championship of TD.

The game also allows you to buy Upgrades in order to boost your performance. In an addition to that, after each wave of enemy you defeat in the game, you will gain more experiences. In an addition to that, you can tell your friends to come and play with you to have more fun with TD. Let’s start the game of TD now, everything will be perfect as you advance in the game. Let’s start the superb gameplay of TD now!

How to play:

  • To move, press W A S and D keys.
  • To use items, press the left click button on the computer mouse.

Tips and tricks:

  1. The enemies will get stronger as you fail to defeat them.
  2. Focus on the team’s spirit and listen to your teammates.

TD Unblocked:

  1. Want something more? TD Unblocked is right here to satisfy your needs. The unblocked version of TD reveals more important element with higher level of Action and Strategy. You can check up on TD Unblocked at, where tons of games like TD Unblocked gather.

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