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About is wrestling, action and fighting game. This game is developed based on wrestling, inspired by sumo characters. You will play big sumo on the ring and participate in hand-to-hand combat with your opponent. You can only move around the ring, you have to push the opponent out of the ring and not to be pushed out first.

You need to be skilful in your moves, think and consider how to move so that you can push the remaining sumo. You can eat the sushi rolls or noodles on the screen to increase your strength and size. When there are an outstanding power and size, plus the consideration in each step, you will easily win.

If you do not know the moves, in the bottom right corner of the screen, there are instructions on how to play, click on it to get more information. You can double-press the keys to power up and defeat the opponent. Are you ready to play as sumo? Let's play!

How to play:

  • Press the arrow keys to move
  • Double-press the arrow keys to increase power

Tips and tricks:

  1. You should play the whole screen to be able to observe and clear the battlefield game
  2. Do not step back too much because you need to move forward to push and defeat your opponent Unblocked:

  1. If anyone still wonders about the site to see if it supports unblocked gaming, does it help full-screen play or is it safe, connect to, you will not have to worry about these problems anymore. Just relax and play Unblocked now!


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