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Are you interested in a fantastic battle against dangerous opponents in the outer space ? If you’re looking in our list of astonishing .io games, will be the best answer at this time. The overall task is to achieve the top position of the leaderboard, but the way to complete is different for each game.

CONTROL a spaceship to move around, then find and shoot down as many small asteroids as possible. When they are totally exploded, they will release gems. Be quick to grab them to increase your XP points. When attaining enough points for a particular ship, you’re free to evolve the old one to a different version with new and useful abilities. There are totally 29 ships  throughout 7 tiers. Although the ships in the higher tiers are always powerful than the one in the lower tiers, the spaceships in the lower tiers move faster than the one in the higher tiers.

Aside from collecting the gems for the ship’s evolvement, don’t miss another important feature, called Upgrades. Their aim is to boost your spaceship’s battle and mining abilities. With different Upgrades such as Shield Capacity, Energy Regeneration, Weapon Damage or Ship Speed, you need to own a large number of gems.

Be clear what you should do, guys? Since this game can be performed either actively, play aggressively at first and attack anyone as they’re moving around or passively, avoid the opponents and focusing on gathering the gems until your ship is strong enough to combat against other players. Generally, the main objective is to get more fun from shooting down everything. Or you can consult other cool shooting games on our site such as or

It’s time to tap PLAY button and relish yourself!

How to play

Move your mouse or use arrow keys to control the ship. Then hit the left mouse or Spacebar to fire.

tips and tricks

  1. Try to upgrade the ship’s capabilities before turning into another ship in the next tier.
  2. In case that you don’t want to come to the upcoming tier, using the gems as extra shields or buying another life is a good idea.
  3. Make a zigzag move when someone attacks you.
  4. If you kill other players, more revenge points will be added.
  5. Avoid smashing into the asteroids when moving because they can hurt your ship.
  6. If you’re being hunted and think you can lose, press the upgrade keys instantly to prevent losing the gems.


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