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    Rating: 7.8

    Votes: 32

    Plays: 2.0k


    Developed by Phacanu Gamedev, seems to be a familiar playground like with hundreds of colorful snakes. Will you try it to enjoy cool moments after working hard all day? Tap Enter key and start now!

    How to play

    • One certain thing is that you will become one among the colorful snakes and the most important task is to acquire the best position in the ranking. Let’s begin with a small dot on the screen and be quick to click on WASD or arrow keys so that your snake can move and show its tail. Then direct him to eat colorful circles to continue expanding the tail as long as possible.
    • As you know, the long tail is extremely useful to defeat other opponents. If you guide them towards your snake’s tail successfully, they will be exploded instantly. Or you should try increasing its speed via pressing Spacebar or the left mouse in case both are running parallelly. This makes your snake run faster and then direct him to turn around and let your opponent touch on the tail. No matter which way you do, make sure you’re swift-handed and quick-eyed or you will be a victim.
    • If you perform successfully, all the circles from the dead snakes will be scattered everywhere. Be fast to collect all to make your snake become longer and longer. Got it?
    • Are there any special items for the snake as It’s a No answer because this game wants to keep a simple yet addictive gameplay. Truly, you won’t take your eyes off the screen until acquiring a big gold crown which represents the best players on the leaderboard.
    • So, do you believe that you can rule this area and become the King of snake in Take action and show your final result now! Good luck!

    Tips and tricks

    1. Boosting the speed will help your snake run fast in a certain time. Try to take advantage of this to kill as many opponents as possible or collect as many circles as possible.
    2. Always keep a good distance between your snake and the others in order to protect and attack effectively.
    3. Avoid bumping into your tail or the playground’s borders or the game will be over immediately.
    4. It’s a nice idea to steal the loots from the snakes that are killed by the others. But, you should be clever and nimble to avoid any regrettable situations.