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Filled with the atmosphere of a battlefield, is a typical survival io game that all the players should try at least once! Before entering the battle, you can choose name and outfits for your snowman, including hats and the color of the scarf by clicking the Customize button. There are 27 available scarf colors and 8 kinds of hat for you to choose, but the last hat - the crown is only for who has ranked no.1 in one game.

Be ready when clicking the Play button because there will be no countdown for you, the battle will be started right away. Quickly move around and try to shoot other snowmen. Besides, you can collect snowflakes in the battle to upgrade your snowman’s size and gain health or collect other special power packs to experience some special abilities.

Once a snowman, including yours, is killed, he will turn into a pile of snowflakes for other ones to pick and you should be careful while running into this pile since it attracts a lot of snowmen around. At the top-right corner on the game screen, you can see the ranking of players in your battle along with their points.

Points can be gained by shooting, killing your opponents or collecting snowflakes. So, what do you say, Snow warriors? Would you come and conquer this endless battle? Your crown is waiting for you!

How to play:

  • Move your snowman around by moving your mouse and shoot out snow balls by clicking. 
  • Shoot other snowmen to gain points and avoid being shot to survive.
  • Collect snowflakes to gain health and upgrade packs for your snowman.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Try to indicate the direction of your opponents to make your shots more accurate.
  2. Change your direction continuously to avoid being shot.
  3. You can run into your opponent to push him into dangerous area.
  4. Always pay attention to your blood bar to plan a suitable strategy. Unblocked

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