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SNAKEBUS.IO is a great strategy and racing game. You get a mini-bus, and your target is collecting as many passengers as possible while improving your bus. Besides, the other bus drivers are your enemies; they can cut, crash into you. From these accidents, you can be ruined and have to start all over again!
The background of SNAKEBUS.IO is a city with many skyscrapers as well as trees and other kinds of obstacles. Your job is to smartly control the bus to go around the city and pick the passengers up.
There are 3 levels to upgrade your bus: The first level, you get a simple bus - up to 100 points, it is slow; In the second level, the bus is the average, standard bus - up to 300 points, it is faster; The third bus is an American one - from 700 points, the maximum speed.
Remember avoiding crashing into the challenges and being crushed by the other bus. You can gain bonuses like nitro and invisibility, with the help of them, you can quickly and safely collect passengers, as well as easily kill the other enemies.

How to play:

  • The operation of SNAKEBUS.IO is very simple and intuitive. The player will use the keyboard to control the bus by pressing the A to turn left, D to turn right, Space to jump, F to gain the Nitro and G to become invisible.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Use the bonuses to combat the other enemies, and it will help you win faster!
  2. If you lose the game for some first times, don't give up, keep practicing, and you will gradually become more professional!

SNAKEBUS.IO Unblocked:

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