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About is a Platform, Minecraft, Silther and Snake video game coming to your devices to give you a fresh air. The game is a mixture of the two legendary video games: and Minecraft. If you are a fan of either Minecraft or, then is a game that you should not ignore.

In the game world of, the player will have the chance to experience his gameplay alongside a bunch of other players from various locations in the actual world. Before the game starts, the player will get to choose a character in the set of characters the game gives. With more than ten different characters, each one has a unique look, will let the player be a bit picky. A thing to notice, the game features the second-person perspective, and the player will see the game world from the sky. No matter what character you choose, all you see is his/her head and tail.

The gameplay of has the player controlling his chosen character and crawl around the playground to collect as many blocks as he can. The blocks will be lined up, one next to each other to create a long tail connected to the character’s body. The players of compete against each other by gathering blocks, and the length of their tails will be the majority of their position on the leaderboard. shares similar gameplay with, which means one player cannot defeat his enemies by crashing into them. If you are a wise player, you will soon find how to claim your victory in this game.

How to play:

  • Use the computer mouse to control the game character.

Tips and tricks:

  1. You can pick up blocks from the death of your enemies to grow quicker.
  2. Eating a diamond block will you the most points. Unblocked:

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