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About is an online game, belonging to the puzzle and geometry category. You will be randomly matched with many other people in a playroom. Each person will turn out the mystery in order. Each person will choose a word and have to draw a picture to describe to others what the word is.

The fastest guess and the right answer will get the score. Everyone will enter the answer in the online chat frame on the screen, or you can exchange, communicate and make friends there. In the playroom, everyone also has the right to kick players who have failed to comply with the rules or to hang up, to ensure the game goes smoothly.

When you do a puzzle, you will be given words with different levels of difficulty. You will draw that word within 90 seconds for everyone to guess. Everyone's scores are publicly displayed on the rankings.

How to play:

  • Use the mouse to draw
  • Write down the answer in the chatbox on the screen

Tips and tricks:

  1. The more vibrant your vocabulary is, the easier it is for you to earn high marks
  2. You can use colours to make the picture more recognizable Unblocked:

  1. For online games, sometimes there will be a lot of visitors. If you do not select the right site to play, it will be elementary to lag during the game. So was born to fix the errors of other websites you encountered and help you enjoy Unblocked.