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    Rating: 7.3

    Votes: 40

    Plays: 3.2k


    Do you agree with me that any multiplayer shooting games in the .io world are always attractive and exciting? A big YES, right? Don’t hesitate anymore or you will miss, another great shooter .io game that has just released at the beginning of 2018.

    As its name suggests, you instantly know that thechiefactivity is to shoot down everything. So, when jumping on the main screen, be quick to control your main character to defeat anyone you catch and at the same time dodge over their counter-attack cleverly. Of course, you’re no stranger to these actions when you have played lots of shooting .io games. Just make sure you’re quick and agile to perform well without damaging your character’s health too much.

    If you have to run around and search for weapons while playing, you don’t need to do in this game. Aside from the first pistol, there are different weapons scattering everywhere. And you’re allowed to pick up any you want. For instance, if you want to fire many bullets simultaneously, the machine gun is a great choice. Or pick up the sniper to create a lot of damage. But, be careful because this weapon shoots quite slowly.

    Another interesting thing is that you can enter an available car and drive it to crash against the others. Just remember that you cannot shoot when you’re in the car. What’s more, your character can build walls to stop other attacks effectively. And don’t forget to grab some medical kits to fulfill the health of the character.

    Since you’re in the .io world, the last and biggest aim is always the top spot in the ranking. Except for concentrating on defeating as many opponents as possible, you can shoot down other items such as boxes, walls, etc. to increase your position. This is quite ideal when you don’t confront anyone.

    How long can you stay at the top and can you become the best shooter in TAKE ACTION and you will know now!

    How to control

    • Guide the character or drive the car – WASD or arrow keys
    • Shoot – the left mouse
    • Build the walls – the right mouse
    • Pick up the weapons or enter car – Spacebar
    • Sprint or drift – Shift

    Tips and tricks

    1. The rocket launcher is great for shooting through walls.
    2. Building too many walls is not a wise choice because you can run out of money.
    3. Try to take advantage of available items on the screen to protect your main character.