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Rating: 5.0

Votes: 10

Plays: 4.9k

About is an interesting and great io game. Once you get into the world of this game, your mission is to build factories to automate the combination and creation of shapes. You also have to deliver the requested mission that the hame gave you to past levels. These missions will even increasingly complex forms. Through the process of this game, you have to unlock upgrades if you want to speed up your factory.

Moreover, if you want to fit the needs of the games, you will have to scale up your factory. Don't forget about finding the resources because you can expand them in the infinite map. If you don't want to feel bored while playing this basic game, you need to mix colors and paint your shapes with it. You can have a chance to combine green, red, and blue color resources. These colored resources will help you painting shapes with different colors. It is also the best way to satisfy the demand.

This game fits all ages an all genders. It will give you many engaging challenges for you to test your building skill and patience. Don't miss this chance to enjoy such a great game like that.

How to play:

  • M to create a marker
  • WASD to move
  • LMB to place building
  • RMB/ Q to stop placement
  • R to rotate building

Tips and tricks:

  1. Whenever you need help or are stuck, let check out the” Show hint” button in the lower left.
  2. Press M to create a marker from the current view ore right-click to create a market at the selected location. Unblocked:

  1. You can enjoy the most delightful experience with unblocked while visiting to play it. This site will bring you a wide range of free games and opens every time and everywhere. You can play at this site whenever you want. Moreover, you won't be blocked or disturbed by others. Come and have fun!


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