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About is a Platform, Mystic and Snake-inspired video game. This game is the example of a free-to-play video game with elaborate investment. features the gameplay that is similar to However, still carries tons of difference that makes it worth your try, which means it isn’t a clone of

First of all, has the mythical sea dragons living in depth of the sea as the protagonists. We all have heard or learned about the legends of dragons at least for once in our life, but the creatures in are probably one of the rarest monsters you have ever seen in your life. Besides the orbs that the sea dragons must eat to grow up both in length and size are the normal fishes in various colours. Everything under the sea is moving, and their features make the game environment look beautiful. has a daily reward for each player at the time he logs into the game. The rewards are wrapped in the glamorous seashells, and the player can get more rewards by watching advertisements. Secondly, brings in a shop where the players can spend the coins they earn in the game to buy new monsters and treasure clams.

Above all, the graphics of is way more improved than many other games in the same genre, even It’s not difficult for a newcomer to invest the controls of the game. In conclusion, is a good game to try this weekend!

How to play:

  • Use the computer mouse cursor to give direction to the sea dragon.

Tips and tricks:

  1. The quickest way to defeat another player is to trick him into crashing his head into your body.
  2. Seeing an advertisement wins you more than you think, try it! Unblocked:

  1. You’d better check up on Unblocked if you want to enhance yourself to the adventure of the beautiful sea dragons. The game is now available at, and you can seek for more games like Unblocked at, too. Check it out!


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