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Welcome to, an awesome role-playing, PVP, and adventure video game. In this awesome game, you control a great soldier. You will discover a beautiful virtual world where you will fight with other players and try to survive as long as possible. Before entering the battlefield, you need to practice to become stronger.

At the start, a priest will guide you on the basics of First, you have to hunt some Banuk. When you level up, you will have new equipment and skill points. You can use skill points to improve your STR, your DEX, or your VIT. After completing the tutorial, you will be rewarded with a weapon - a sword.

You have 2 skills that are the Q skill and the E skill. You can use the Q skill to attack the enemy and deal a large amount of damage, and if your enemy is not equipped with E skills, he will be slow. Each time you kill a Banuk you will have EXP and gold. You can use gold to improve your HP and enhance your weapon. Good luck and have fun!

How to Play:             

  • Use the mouse to move your character and attack the enemy.
  • Use P to open the options.
  • Use number 1, 2, 3 to drink your potions.
  • Press Q and E to use your skills.

Tips and Tricks:     

  1.  Kill as much Banuk as you can, use gold to upgrade your weapon to kill enemies faster.
  2. Upgrade your stats as soon as you can. Unblocked Game: 

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