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Rating: 10.0

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You can call this game the Halloween version of any shooter game, since all what you are gonna shoot is Pumpkins. In, the Pumpkins, also known as the enemies or the other players, know how to run and use guns. Besides, the game even allows Ghost and Ghouls to hunt you down.

Taking the role of a Pumpkin in this Halloween-themed .io game with Shooter element, you will have to protect yourself and survive to be the winner of the game. The world in is completely a thrilling world with items such as headstones, burning trees, abandoned buildings and more. Under the bloody sky, you will have to shoot down the other players using a gun. Through a first person perspective, you can experience in the best way.

It’s very challenging when you only have yourself against the multiple players, but if the game get easier, you might not want to even play it! not only provides you with glamorous graphics but also pretty smooth controls. Those two elements do their best in supporting the breath-taking gameplay of the game, too. It’s hard to tell now, but maybe later, when you have experienced the game for a while, will be too good to put down. Wanna know about the unique Shooter, .io game? Let’s try!

How to play:

  • Press Left Click Button to shoot.
  • Use the mouse cursor to move.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Instead of running away from the enemies, face them and don’t stop shooting until one of you two falls.
  2. Try attacking from behind, you might get a quicker and better result. Unblocked:

  1. As requested, Unblocked was released with lots of desirable contents. It’s even easier now to find and enjoy this game on the gaming site, where unblocked games like can be played for free. Check it out!


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