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About is a free and exciting io game. Once you get into the world of this game, you have to race against players around the world. You will begin the game as a red car and try to run away from blue cars, which means officers.

Your biggest aim becomes a officer, so your mission is to collect blue particles until you full fill your blue tank or start a race with another red player. Then, if you are the winner, you can become a officer. And the loser will receive punishment by showing their position on the minimap, reducing their speed and subtraction of points.

Besides that, you must collect green marks mean a race token. Then, trying to get closer to other players and ask them for challenges and wait for them to say yes. You can accept other players' challenges as well.

During your race, you have to find the yellow mark on the map because it shows you the things to finish. Become an officer; you have to arrest as many red players as possible by using the front of your car. Every arrest brings you numerous points and strengthens your red particle tank. The bigger your red particle tank is, the easier you can escape from officers.

How to play:

  • Use mouse left to speed boost
  • Use mouse right to accept race challenge
  • Use mouse wheel or X to stop challenging
  • Use 1 to 5 to emotes

Tips and tricks:

  1. You have to take notice of the walls and try to stay away from them
  2. You should take notice of the minimap because it will show you some events such as blue mark means arrests or new officers, car bumps and red mark means race losers Unblocked:

  1. You will get a ton of memorable and funny experience in Unblocked if you type on your browser to enjoy it. It is such a great site that not only brings you some basic games but brings you numerous free and exciting games of all types. You can visit this site at any time and any places you like because nothing and no one can prevent you.


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