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    Rating: 6.1

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    About is one of the newest games that the .io world has just released at the end of the year of 2017. As its name suggests, it’s a great combination of hockey and billiards (pool). So, if you love playing pool games, don’t miss this exciting game.

    How to play

    Instead of facing up hundreds of people like playing other .io games, you just carry out a 1v1 classic 8-ball pool game. Since this battle lasts three rounds, who wins at least 2 rounds will be the winner. And now, let’s find out what you should do to gain the victory.

    • Fill a cool nickname, tap on the Start button and wait until the server finds an opponent. Of course, you will be playing against the real opponent. Or if you want to play with your friends, just send them a link and both will be brought to the same playground.
    • Please know that the main objective is to send all the opponent’s balls into holes successfully.
    • Start aiming your cue by rotating the mouse cursor around the white ball.
    • Whenever finding an accurate position, tap the left-click to drag the cue and then release to shot. For every success, you will score 1 point.

    Of course, it doesn’t sound simple because you have to focus on aiming and guiding the cue so that it can hit the balls properly. Moreover, make sure that you never leave any easy ball for the opponent.

    If the above information is all about playing billiards, the next thing is related to the hockey. And this is also important to help you increase the score. At the beginning, there is a hockey puck in the center of the balls. It’s a small disk that the players often hit in hockey to score. Therefore, if you hit this puck so that it falls into the opponent’s hole, you will get 2 points. Sounds awesome, right?

    It’s time to enjoy an endless amount of entertainment that only has in and do your best to gain one spot on the “All-stars” Leaderboard. Good luck to you!

    Tips and tricks

    • Take advantage of the while line to determine which direction you are going to shot.
    • In each turn, you only receive a certain time to hit. Be quick but careful and skillful to perform well.
    • The hockey puck just appears once in every round. Try to gain it and score before your opponent can do it.


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