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About is a Platform, .io, Quick and Easy video game. The game is unique for its cartoon-style graphics and joyful mini-games.

Just as any video game of its genre, sets up an open playground for anyone to join and have fun. What the player gets includes a user name and an animated character to tell himself from the other players in the same game. As the player advances in the mini-games, he will be competing against three other players and climbing up on the leaderboard using his strength and intelligence.

The special dish of is the set of various mini-games. The player gets to vote for the games he wants to play and so do the other players that are participating in the same playground with him. However, it doesn’t mean that one player can get whatever he likes because the chosen game elected by the majority.

There are many amazing mini-games for the player to choose in, and each one of them has unique gameplay. For example, while the Running game requires the player to compete against the other player on a conveyor belt and avoid the obstacles, the Strawberry game features the gameplay of catching falling Strawberries from the sky.

The winner of each game is the one who scores the most points compared to the other players. To reward the players for their effort during each game, give them coins to purchase new characters and accessories at the game shop.

How to play:

  • Use the arrow keys to move your character in
  • Press the space bar to dash, jump or vote.

Tips and tricks:

  1. You should read through each mini game’s regulation carefully.
  2. You should choose the EU game server to have a chance of catching up with more players, which means more fun! Unblocked:

  1. You can enjoy Unblocked at the ultimate game website By typing the address of in your web browser, you can now play your favourite Unblocked games all day and all night. Check up on now!


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