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About is a fun and exciting Platform, .io, Strategy and Retro video game that follows the success of the legendary PacMan video game. This game is just one game among millions of PacMan’s adaptions. But if you try it, you will know the reason why the game deserves your attention.
Just like the original PacMan video game’s rule, you will have to explore the game world of in the form of PacMan, a round-shaped character. The game enables you to eat the pellets that are lying on the playground. These pallets help you to grow up so you need to it as many of them as you can to grow big in size. Your enemies in this video game are not only the classic ghosts but also the other players that are dominating the battlefield. As you grow bigger, you can find smaller players to eat them. However, you will need to avoid the bigger players and try not to be eaten.
The winner of is the one who endures his life the longest through the up and down and is the last man standing on the battlefield. Do you think you are good enough to fit in the champion’s seat? Let’s get to now and have lots of fun chilling with the other players! 

How to play:

  • Press the left-click button to boost your PacMan’s speed.
  • Use the computer mouse cursor to control your PacMan.

Tips and tricks:

  1. You should take advantage of the obstacles sometimes to hide from the enemies and wait for the right time to attack them.
  2. Stay away from the players that are almost the same size as you since your eyes cannot define their sizes exactly. Unblocked:

  1. For the first time in your life, getting back in time and roll with multiple classic elements in this video game Unblocked has never been easier. Whenever you feel like playing Unblocked, you should come to and let us serve you with the best elements we can. Check up on now!