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You must have played loads of first-person Shooter game before, but this game will give you another view on how to manage your Shooting skills. Serving the player with massive team deathmatches, is a Platform, Multiplayer, Shooter and Weapon video game.

The name of the game with the word “noob” explains that you will get on a noobs hunt as you start the gameplay. Before you start, enables you to pick one Map to begin your gameplay. The game includes several Maps such as Ancient, Toxic Village, Desert Hell with promising in-Map elements. Each Map contains a gaming environment, which defines itself with unique structures and unexpected attack areas. includes two different game modes, one is “Team DeathMatch”, while the other one is “Free For All”. The player will choose the game mode by considering his abilities and demands. In detail, the “Team DeathMatch” mode has two teams fighting against each other, and the team with the highest scores will claim itself as the winner. In the “Free For All” mode, you will be fighting against everyone else around you. The attraction of the “Free For All” mode is the result coming at last, which claims only one player as the winner. introduces over nine available weapons that are used to devastate the player’s enemies. The weapons offers are various with actual names such as Ak-74, Glock and more. Once the player manages the function of one weapon, he immediately plays an important role in his team.

Are you ready to rock the battleground of Let’s get to it now!

How to play:

  • Use the W-S-D-A buttons to advance physically in the game world.
  • Press the left-click button to take control of the available weapon.

Tips and tricks:

  1. You can feel free to explore each Map, but be aware of the time because as time runs out, the game automatically kills you.
  2. You should gather the life-aid powerups even when your life-battery are full. Unblocked:

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