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About is a cool battle fighting game with only a mortar weapon. Players will act as a soldier fighting on a ruined battlefield, and your enemies are the ones who are hunting and killing you with mortars.

There are dozens of people pursuing you. You must move flexibly and cleverly ambush. You can hide in dilapidated houses, bushes to ambush enemies and destroy them with your weapons. Take precise and predictive shots for confirmed kills and unlock powerful mortars.

Background of the game is a deserted village in the desert that was devastated by war. There are several bases where you can hide, large bushes and cliffs scattered around. Your enemies can be anywhere and ready to destroy you.

Be careful and beat them to get promoted. When you kill all enemies, you will become the winner. Rankings are displayed right on the screen, and you can track your progress.

How to play:

  • Left-click to set the firing point.
  • Release the mouse to perform a mortar shooting operation.
  • If you want to run, press W or the up arrow.
  • If you want to walk, press S or the down arrow.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Determine the firing point to destroy as many enemies as possible.
  2. Always move carefully and determine a safe shelter.
  3. Practice a bit before playing to get used to the game context and the manipulation of mortars. Unblocked:

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