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To be honest, not all the game these days can easily satisfy its players completely like MONWAR.IO, a RPG, Platform video game that is developed by Mawika. Taking place in the ancient time, when the Kingdom was used to be a thing, MONWAR.IO serves an Action gameplay with super relating elements. You will take control of a King with a crown on his head, who is able to travel around the green game world with the power of summoning heroes that can help him enlarge and maintain his own land.

There are five different kinds of heroes at the beginning of the game, each one of them is holding a weapon. After being summoned, they will surround the king in order to protect him from the dangers outside. To run a Kingdom is not all about having war, it’s also about building a stable shelter. You have to explore the entire game world of MONWAR.IO in order to collect different materials such as Wood, Stone and even more. The more materials you will get, the more heroes you will summon.

Don’t forget that there are also many players like you who are spending time achieving their great kingdoms in MONWAR.IO, you will have to fight them off when they come for you in order to protect your own kingdom. Now, let’s start the game and see how big you can build your kingdom.

How to play:

  • Move around the game world using a second person perspective, press A W S D keys to move or use the computer mouse cursor.
  • Tap on a hero on the board to summon him.

Tips and tricks:

  1. There are many serves available but not all of them are filled with players, so select the one with most players in order to have even for fun.
  2. Don’t stick around one place, try exploring the entire game world.

MONWAR.IO Unblocked:

  1. You can try MONWAR.IO Unblocked at This site is a wonderful gaming centre with tons of essential games like MONWAR.IO and you can access it whenever you want. Check it out!


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