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Now, it’s time for the fans of the sports game named Pool since we are about to introduce the amazing Sports and .io video game What are you waiting for? Let’s come and play with us now! The game supports both Single and VS mode, which means you can either start on your own or compete against another player. Sounds amazing, right?

No matter what mode you choose, this description will give you clues about each mode so you will have a wiser choice that helps perfect your gameplay. Firstly, in the Solo mode, you will run the game against the time. After the time runs out, you have to manage to pocket all the colored balls or else, you will lose the game in the Solo mode. In the VS mode, you will get to battle against another player. The game gives you and your competitor turn and you guys have to try your best to win the match.

In an addition to that, provides an excellent set of various Tables and Cues to satisfy different tastes of players. If you know about Pool game in real life, then you will be an expert in this video game since not all players participating the matches know about Pool. If you are a newcomer to Pool, then will help you learn a lot about this interesting Sports game. Let’s see!

How to play:

  • Use the computer mouse to aim for the best angle and start shooting.

Tips and tricks:

  1. In the Solo mode, if you pocket the colored balls, you will get 50 points and 10 seconds will be added to the countdown.
  2. Also in the Solo mode, the cue ball deducts 20 points.


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