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    Hit a ball towards a hole accurately to score, do you reckon that playing golf is so simple? Try entering and play against other players to see whether you’re the best golfer or not!

    The most prerequisite condition is that you have to be quick and precise in order to put a ball into the hole within a limited time. Of course, it’s the biggest aim that you must complete to win this game. Besides, you are facing up to tons of opponents and some might be experienced than you. Sooner or later, you will know that is an addictive game. Though, it’s quite simple.

    And now, let’s start playing!

    You and all players will be brought to the same playground. Depending on each round, you will enjoy different terrains. After determining where the hole is, you need to select an angle, then charge the strength of the blow and release so that the ball can fly.And try to control to let the ball fall into the hole before the others. Relying on that, you can increase your scores and gain the first position for every round.

    However, when directing the ball’s angle and charging the strength, you need to be cautious to avoid sending the ball out of the screen. If you’re careless, you have to return the starting point and play again. Another significantthing that you should remember is to charge the ball’s strength bar. It’s because the bar will increase to the maximum and then decrease automatically. Make sure you release at the right time to get the correct strength.

    Well, believe that you can play until the end and gain the highest score ever? It’s time to express your golf ability in, guys! Hope you succeed soon!   

    How to control

    • Set an angle – A & D keys or left and right arrow keys
    • Charge and shoot – Spacebar

    Tips and tricks

    1. The fewer strokes you perform, the more scores you can have.
    2. Each round just takes place within 40 seconds.
    3. Be careful because the time will be shortened if someone enters the hole before you.
    4. Just use the maximum strength when you’re too far from the hole.
    5. Try to stay close to the holes in case you can’t enter it. This also increases your scores than those who are far away from the holes.
    6. Want to enjoy this game on your smartphone? Just leave your email here (for iOS and Android) now.


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