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The name of this Platform and Snake video game, explains pretty much about its theme and game protagonist. has the player taking the role of a snake, whose mission is surviving in the playground alongside loads of other snakes. The gameplay is all about snakes and how they manage their life to endure their appearance in the game.

At the beginning of the game, the player gets to learn various information about the game world he is going to enter. The information session, which is also known as the Tutorial, plays a big part in the performance of the player. In detail, each player has got to learn that they aren’t allowed by any force to touch another snakes’ body. Another point the player has to be aware of is the locations in the game world because some are amazingly dangerous. For example, the Mountains top the list of the dangerous location. Last but not least, to grow your Snake up, you need to gather the cornerstone called Nectar. endures your gameplay with a series of quests. As you advance in the game, more quests will come out and fill your gameplay with joy! The game also allows you to upgrade your skills to destroy the other players. By collecting Upgrades around the playground, you Snake will get stronger and be able to expand its impact. You need to catch up with the leaderboard because that’s what helps you keep track of your performance in the game. To become the ultimate Snake, the only way is topping the food chain. Let’s take your chance and start up your days of victory in this video game now!

How to play:

  • Use the computer mouse to take control of the Snake and ensure that the Snake is not going to turn his head to any other Snake in the playground.

Tips and tricks:

  1. The Nectar also helps with recovering energy you lose after boosting your Snake’s speed.
  2. Once you grow so big that you are likely to crash into the other Snakes, just stay at your place by rolling your head around until your surroundings are cleared. Unblocked:

  1. You can look up for Unblocked at nowhere but With the vast amount of Unblocked video games, will free your disk’s space (since you don’t need to save games there anymore) and make your gaming experience become more desirable than ever! Have a look at now!


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