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Welcome to the modern and more exciting version of the classic video game Snake, In this .io video game, you will have the chance to control a laser snake and explore the game world alongside the other players in the same server with you. The game goal, however, is being the longest snake in the playground, compared to the others. You must go around the game world, eat food to become longer and attack the other players.
The quickest and fastest way to end someone’s game is tricking him or her to reach the border of the playground. However, you need to enlarge your size first, and then go on carrying the enemies. The game even allows you to boost your snake’s speed. The only negative side of boosting your speed is that when you move quicker, you will get smaller in size and lose the food that should belong to you.
The playground will also increase its size to fit the growth of the snakes, so you should take that chance to explore the game world just the way you want. Are you ready to be one of the hardest players on the playground of Let’s get to it now!

How to play:

  • Use the W-A-D-S buttons or the arrow keys in order to turn.
  • Press the Space button to boost.

Tips and tricks:

  1. You should not get too short in size, or else, you will find it hard to start growing again.
  2. Do not lose food to the other players like a loser, and try to make them scared. Unblocked:

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