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About, which was created by DRA, is an online arcade game. Everyone in all appears as a hole trying to eat everything. To win, you must consume everything that is in your path. But the catch is you can only obtain stuff that is smaller than your hole. People, poles, trash cans, even buildings are consumable if you are bigger than them.

To extend your hole, you must consume enough stuff like small humans, traffic lights, tiny trash cans, and other small things. When big enough, your hole can even eat your enemy, including other holes, but only if they are smaller than your current hole.

To be the best, try consuming loads of small things and matter to excessively growing, and to and extend, you will eventually be able to consume everything, including your biggest enemies and even skyscrapers. Become the biggest hole in the game by eating and consuming every stuff and hole. Try and earn a place at the top of the leaderboard if you can! is a well-built game with amazing graphics and wholesome content made for everyone to enjoy. Play with millions of online users now!

How to play:

  • Use your mouse and arrow keys to move your hole

Tips and tricks:

  1. Change modes for a different experience
  2. You can select different skins on the home page Unblocked:

  1. is a wonderful internet site with loads of flash games for free like Unblocked. This site has served millions of users and carter their gaming needs. Its time you try this site too.


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