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About is a shooting game in a third perspective - a frontal view. There will be two teams playing the red team and blue team. You will play as a red team member. Your mission is to find the enemy - the blue team, shoot and kill them. Your view is extensive, and you can easily find enemies around you.

You and your teammates will have to destroy the enemy to win, the team that will kill 100 enemies first will be the winner. Also, you should always be on the border, when the border shrinks, you have to dash inside, not outside it. Otherwise, you will die of blood loss. Note that you don't know how to swim, so don't let it fall into the water.

When you see the enemy, if you feel that you are not fighting against them, escape and wait for the opportunity to appear. You will need a little time to get used to the game because it has a third-way view, which is a bit different from regular games.

How to play:

  • You will move with the AWSD keys
  • You will shoot with the mouse click
  • You will exchange weapons with 1 or 2 number keys

Tips and tricks:

  1. Full-screen play will be more exciting than normal
  2. Follow the situation of your team and the enemy team on the left side of the screen Unblocked:

  1. When playing online, you probably need an easy-to-use website, a stable network connection, an exemplary configuration, and full-screen support. That's, a site where you can enjoy playing unblocked game.