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Golf Royale is a stimulating sports game in which you can join in a hot match with up to 50 opponents at the same time! In this golf game, you will have to race to finish every course more efficiently and as less time as possible. Moreover, you also have to sink your golf ball to get the points.

This game is design in 3D physics, so, it requires you to have some fast reflexes and skillful controlling to navigate the challenging levels of the game features. Let make use of your skills to make shots while moving speedily, bounce on traps and obstacles, and throw the ball surrounding the golf course.

When you play all the levels the game offers, you can try to create unique levels in the level editor. Then, let be the host of your unique own game and invite other players to compete with you.

If you want to gain experience and set some rewards free like the ability to disruptive powers ( a.k.a Friendship Abilities), you should create an account. You can also get a new form of hats and skins. Don’t forget to use your friendship abilities in a smart way to mess your opponents.

How to play:

  • Left mouse click button + drag -  putt.
  • Scroll your mouse - zoom.
  • Use the letter R -  reset.
  • Use the letter F - use friendship abilities

Tips and tricks:

  1. You don’t need to wait until the ball stop to hit it again, you just need to wait a short time between hits.
  2. Remember that the lighter you hit the ball the earlier you can strike it again. Unblocked:

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