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Visit and experience a big battle in the .io world ever! Feel excited and curious to discover it at this time? Don’t hesitate anymore! There we come!

How to play

Truly, the game’s objective is similar to other .io games; that is, you need to obtain the highest position and maintain it as long as possible. Although it’s easier said than done since this game requires lots of things to do, just follow me and then you can do well.

First of all, learn how to guide your spaceship to move around with three different keys including WASD, the arrow keys, or the mouse. Control it to collect available crystals to fulfill your cargo.

Whenever the cargo is full, the next thing you should do is to come to a trading post of BACON BAY and call at the Crystal Market to sell your crystals for credits. After trading for credits, continue finding Hangar to start customizing, building or repairing your spaceship. Later, get in Drone Shop and look for essential drones for mining or battling.

Just make sure you have enough credits to buy these things. In case you are out of credits, please turn back to the main battlefield to collect the crystals or find shipwrecks to mine them.

Additionally, you must pay attention to a circle around your spaceship. When it appears, that means you’re near the shipwrecks, mines, or guardians. And if the circle turns green, you are in range to target them.

Except for shipwrecks and mines, the guardians are much more dangerous because they can attack your spaceship fiercely. One of the most important things is that you should get away the larger guardians than you. Or team up with other players to attack them. Make sure you establish a team before doing, okay?

To attack the guardians effectively, the drone is a must. Since each drone and guardian have their own elements with different strengths and weakness, you need to select the accurate drone to kill them. Besides, you have to be skillful to prevent their counter-attack on your spaceships or the game will be over soon.

The longer you play, the more fantastic things you discover. Is there anything surprising waiting for you? Hit PLAY button of and enjoy now!

Tips and tricks

  • Take advantage of the radar map to travel to essential places instantly and catch where resources and enemies are.
  • Leveling up also gives you a certain number of credits.
  • Make your spaceship wider to pick up the crystals easily and quickly.
  • Using the water-based drones against the fire guardians will be more effective.
  • Create an account to save your progress.