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About is an amazing RPG, Platform, .io and Adventure video game for everyone to challenge themselves. After playing this video game, you will love to play it again! Let’s find out why! brings you into a .bit game world, in which everything looks like it has been brought back in time. requires you to complete several tasks in the tasks panel. While you try your best to accomplish all the tasks in hand, try not to die. You will start the game with a number of respawns. Each time when you die, you will lose one respawn. The game allows you to gain extra respawns if you are able to find the respawn orbs. The land surrounds you is wide enough for you to explore, as you have to gather multiple different materials that help you make up weapons, tools, portions and armour.
The higher the crafting stat is, the longer the item you craft lasts. The game even allows you to buy new items from the non-playable characters around the game world. You can buy, trade, or make up your own items and see how effective they work. has multiple elements that awaiting you to explore them all, rather than some common kinds of stuff that you can easily see on the game’s surface. It is time for you to commit yourself to the exploration

How to play:

  • Use the W/A/S/D buttons or arrow keys to move in the game world.
  • Use the left-click button to use an equipped item.
  • Use the E button or left-click button to pick up an item.
  • Use the shift button and a number key to drag and drop an item.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Always prepare for the worst to come in the game world once a dungeon appears.
  2. Save the continue code so you can come back to the game later. Unblocked:

  1. If you love Unblocked, then it is time for you to conquer this video game in a better gaming environment such as Let’s get in the game world of Unblocked and play it every day at! Come and play now!


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