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Developed by Innoge Labs, is a great .io, Platform, Action and Dragons video game about the myth animal Dragon. You must have been into the myth about this legendary animal ever since you were a child. Now with, you will have the chance to play with the Dragons again. Just as the spirit of its own specie, the Dragon that you control in this video game will be the fear of everyone around it. However, it is not the only dangerous creature that exists in this video game.
Rather than just burning everything you see on your way by releasing fire from the dragon’s mouth, you will have to find ways to interrupt the other players’ gaming progresses in this video game by attacking them. As you may know, everyone who commits himself to the gameplay of aims for the position of being the ultimate Dragon and so do you!
Please do not get the title of the game wrong, you are not going to ride any actual drake in this video game. In fact, the title “Drakes” refers to the dangerous Dragons, the ones that exist only in the myth. Take this chance and prove yourself as the greatest player of them all in this video game now! You will not be regretting later for choosing to play!

How to play:

  • To control the dragon and fly him around the map, use the mouse.

Tips and tricks:

  1. The dragon does not need your physically interact to breath out fire, which means you have to be careful with the items that you do not want to destroy.
  2. Using strategies in this video game is quite appropriate. Unblocked:

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