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In the adventure game of, you play as a small dinosaur with a journey to hunt in your forest. Start playing, and you will look for fruits and other dinosaurs of the same size to eat. Besides, you need to run away from the bigger rivals not to become their prey. Gradually you will grow up and be able to eat bigger dinosaurs.
Background of is a forest with huge bushes and coconut trees. Many fruits will be scattered around the forest, on the way of the dinosaur.
You need to control the dinosaur to eat all the fruits. There are 30 dinosaurs of all sizes, and you will become the champion if you eat 29 other dinosaurs. Have fun!

How to play:

  • Use the mouse and move around the arc to control the direction of the dinosaur and help it find food and avoid more massive dinosaurs.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. You should go slowly and slowly to determine which goals to eat and which targets to avoid. And you should not run too fast because doing so is easy to meet big dinosaurs and be eaten!
  2. Concentrate on eating the fruits before eating the other dinosaurs because when you are not big enough, you can quickly be consumed and lose the game. Unblocked:

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