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About DatTank.IO:

Do you ever want to create your own tank in order to take part in one of the most challenging battles in the game world? With DatTank.IO, your dream will come true. DatTank.IO is a Platform game which focuses on Shooter and Action elements. The game begins with designing your own tank, for sure!

In your garage, you will see the sample of your tank with the options besides. DatTank.IO allows you to upgrade the tank that you already own into a bigger and better one using the in-game coins. Will the game give you coins for free? The answer is not really, you will have to earn your own coins from playing the gameplay of DatTank.IO. For example, winning battles can lead to the reward of big amount of coins. While you are playing DatTank.IO, it’s great that you can improve your own Shooting skill.

The game will bring in your teammates and enemies. If you are a wise player, you may see that your teammates are wearing the same color with you. Your enemies are wearing an opposite color, so you may notice them easily and take them down quicker. DatTank.IO provides an addictive gameplay with lots of promising elements such as a wide gaming environment, sensitive controls and even more. Let’s kick off the gameplay now and see who the perfect shooter of it all is.

How to play:

  • To shoot, press the Spacebar or Left Click button.
  • To move, press the A W S and D keys on the keyboard.

Tips and tricks:

  1. There are many Health packs and ammo packs around the game world, find them all to cover your damage.
  2. Eliminate as many enemies as possible to gain high scores and grow on the leader board!

DatTank.IO Unblocked:

  1. If you are looking for a place to play DatTank.IO Unblocked, we recommend you to try, a source of amazing games like DatTank.IO. Check it out!