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Cubbe.IO is a very well-designed video game with high-end 2D graphics in retro style. This game is a 2D shooter video game where you could play Online with other players from all over the world. There is no storyline in this game, by the moment you created your tank and hit the Start button, you will jump straight to the battlefield right away, so get ready!
Cubbe.IO allows you to customize your own Tank’s Skin from the beginning. There are 02 basic Skins (Orange, Blue) and rest of the Skins are not for free, you will need to purchase them with the EXP that you received after every battle.
The Tank also has an Upgrade option where you could increase the capacity of your Tank (ammo, mines, shield) but this option also requires a lot more EXP in exchange too. Let’s fight your way out to the Top and let us know how you feel!

How to play:    

  • The Tank will follow your cursor movements.
  • Click the Left mouse button to shoot.
  • Click the Middle mouse button to place a mine.
  • Click the Right mouse button to speed up your Tank.
  • Activate Shield with the S key.

Tips and tricks:

  1. The higher the level you have in the game, the higher EXP you will receive after every battle.
  2. There are 02 options for Server: East Asia and North America. Choose the server that closer to your current location in order to have better gaming experience.

Cubbe.IO Unblocked:

  1. Cubbe.IO Unblocked can also be played via, this site also contains many other Unblocked games for you to explore during your free time, even when you’re at school or office.


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