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About Crowd

Crowd is an amazing Platform, Zombie, .io and Army video game. In the game world of Crowd, you will start with one or maybe two zombies in the type that you have chosen at the beginning of the game. From that point, your goal is finding new members for your zombie army. The more zombies your army contains, the closer to the champion place you get.
In each level of Crowd, the game brings you into one city across the world such as Shanghai, Bombay, etc. You will see multiple people and other zombies around. In order to grow your team bigger, you need to roll around and infect the normal people and turn them into zombies. As your army is big enough, you can go hunt down the other zombie teams and make them be your teammates.
Crowd counts the number of brains its players have earned in order to pick up the winner in each level. As you win one level, you will be able to advance further and have the chance to unlock more types of zombies. Your heart will never stop jumping in and out of your chest while you are playing Crowd Let’s play it now!

How to play:

  • Use the computer mouse to make the zombies move around the game world.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Ambush your targets and make sure they cannot run too far from you.
  2. Notice the balance between your zombie army and your opponent’s. You cannot hope to see five zombies successfully take down a group of seven zombies or more.

Crowd Unblocked:

  1. Do you want to take part in the blocks world of Crowd Unblocked at any time when you desire? Let’s get to now and you will have the chance to get access to Crowd Unblocked, as well as many other games without fear of facing IP address blocking. Come and check!